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In this digital and information age, data and data systems are important foundations in our organization’s and community’s infrastructures. The Children’s Services Council of Broward values high quality data, research, and participatory processes to inform and make meaning together regarding opportunities and challenges for our children, youth and families. On this page, you will find a variety of ways CSC co-creates and uses data, research and youth and family participation to improve life outcomes, services and our community. CSC generates a wide array of data and research to inform best ways to support children and families with CSC funding, evaluate how well services are working and ways to improve them, who is receiving services and how their lives are improving. Below is information on (1) CSC Service Participants Served and Demographics; 2) Social and Economic Return on Investment used for the May Budget Retreat; (3) Broward Data Collaborative Integrated Data System; and (4) Community Participatory Action Research.


CSC Service Participants and Outcomes

Below are interactive maps organized by fiscal year that provide zip code and city level demographic data on who participated in CSC services and the goal areas in which they received services. Key community support infrastructure initiatives are highlighted in this section including VITA, School Health and 211 Broward. Please note, data for fiscal year 19-20 was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which affected service delivery starting in March 2020.


CSC Broward Participant Demographics Data Dashboard


    CSC Social and Economic Return on Investment Research

    In preparation for the annual May Budget Retreat, CSC provides research on the social and economic return on investment for CSC funded programs and initiatives. The research provides critical information to CSC Council members on the value of prevention programming and related community supports and infrastructure. Here is a link to the most current research: Social and Economic Return on Investment Budget 2020 APPENDIX


    Broward Data Collaborative Integrated Data System

    CSC was awarded the University of Pennsylvania’s Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) technical assistance grant beginning in September 2017 to build an Integrated Data System. With the technical assistance, the Broward Data Collaborative (BDC) Governing Board was created and has convened quarterly since 2017. The Governing Board includes CSC, Florida Departments of Juvenile Justice and Children and Families, ChildNet, Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Broward County Public Schools, Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, Broward County Human Services Department, and Broward College. The BDC works with the Community Participatory Action Research Project to advance racial equity as highlighted in the national toolkit report created by AISP (https://www.aisp.upenn.edu/centering-racial-equity/). Below is a video providing an overview of the purpose and structure of the BDC integrated data system.


    Community Participatory Action Research (CPAR)

    As part of CSC’s commitment to building racially equitable structures to create and use data, we have completed community participatory action research projects (CPAR) with system participants, system professionals, and research staff serving as co-researchers. The CPAR process honors the expertise of each participant, acknowledges how people have been harmed or limited by the systems, deals with power dynamics, creates rigorous research, and radically imagines research products and solutions. CPAR builds the capacity of system participants (youth, parents, etc), system professionals, and research staff to equitably and collaboratively create policy, system and relationship changes.

    More CPAR Information


Data and Research

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