November 16, 2021
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Emancipatory Research RFQ 

Program Performance Consultant RFQ 

Equity Cadre and Social Justice Cadre Expansion RFQ 

All procurement applications (Requests for Proposals-RFPs; Requests for Qualifications-RFQs; Requests for Applications-RFAs; etc.) must now be submitted through CSC’S web-based Contract Administration and Procurement System (CAPS). 

Paper submission of applications will no longer be accepted. The procurement documents will all be available in CAPS and the Application for Funding and other required documents will be submitted and/or uploaded in the CAPS system. Technical assistance on the use of CAPS will be available through CSC’s help desk whenever a procurement is available.

View video on how to apply for an RFP through CAPS.

View video on How to Apply for an RFQ/RFA/RLI through CAPS

Direct technical support questions to

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