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Improving Lives Through Collective Impact
Community collaboration is the cornerstone of great results. That is why the CSC leads the Broward County Children’s Strategic Plan which harnesses the power of collective action and provides ample opportunities for stakeholders to improve the lives of children and families. Whether it be through participating in a committee, attending a community event, or sharing insightful feedback and data, there are many ways Community Builders can contribute to improving our community. The CSC provides backbone to support the work of the more than 40 committees that work to turn the curve on a range of issues and toward five shared goals: Children Live in Stable and Nurturing Families; Children are Mentally and Physically Healthy; Children are Ready to Succeed in School; Young People Successfully Transition to Adulthood, and Children Live in Safe and Supportive Communities.

The work of the committees of the Strategic Plan informs funding decisions. Just as importantly, the Strategic Plan and the CSC’s role as its convener, allow for an infrastructure that is flexible and reflective of the community’s resilience, even in the face of the most tragic adversities.
Our Goals From Planning to Action

First approved in February 2002, the Broward Children's Strategic Plan sets the vision, mission, goals, and objectives for establishing a better community in which children live, learn, and thrive. In 2006, nearly 600 participants came together to assess the plan's progress and provide constructive feedback for a revised version, which would include five new - and targeted - results areas. As Community Builders, it is our mission to connect our community's resources and data to ensure that these goals are met.

Children Live in Stable and Nurturing Families

Working toward ensuring that all Broward children live in safe, stable and nurturing families.

Click here to learn more about what we're doing to ensure children live in stable and nurturing families. 

Children are Mentally and Physically Healthy

Committees are working hard to safeguard the mental and physical health of Broward Children. It is necessary to have in place a continuum of maternal and child health services for at-risk families. Committees are working to ensure that: 

- There is a reduction in the Number of Children Drowning (ages 1-4)
- There is a reduction in Childhood Obesity
- All Black babies in Broward County will be born healthy, and remain healthy. 
- Babies will be born substance free
- Women will have healthy pregnancies with positive birth outcomes.
- There will be zero perinatal HIV transmissions
- Broward County teens will be healthy.

Click here to learn more about what we're doing to ensure children are mentally and physically healthy.

Children are Ready to Succeed in School

As the community works toward making sure all children in Broward are ready to succeed in school, committees have been working hard on ways to:

  • Improve children's educational success by making sure all of Broward children are ready to succeed in Kindergarten.
  • Improve the availability and quality of inclusive out-of-school time programs for economically disadvantaged children and for children with special needs (inclusion).
  • Improve the availability and quality of out-of-school care for children with special physical, developmental, and behavioral needs who require intensive services.
  • Enhance academic achievement,
  • Support social-emotional learning, developmental and physical activities.
  • And encourage providers in the community to provide educational field trips and cultural arts opportunities. 

Click here to learn more about what we're doing to ensure children are ready to succeed in school. 

Young People Successfully Transitioned to Adulthood

In this area, the community is focused on

  • Reducing youth risk factors associated with delinquency, teen pregnancy, and other risky behaviors.
  • Actively working towards strengthening the continuum of care for children with special needs.
  • Creating solutions for strengthening supports for youth aging out of foster care or living in Kinship care, youth involved with juvenile justice, and youth who are LGBTQ to successfully transition to adulthood.
  • And working toward solutions that help reduce the recidivism rate of low-risk juvenile offenders and prevent the escalation of crime.
  • Increasing protective/resiliency factors and reduce risk factors associated with delinquency, teen pregnancy, and other risky behaviors.

Click here to learn more about what we're doing to ensure young people successfully transitioned to adulthood. 

Children Live in Safe and Supportive Communities

In this area, Community Builders work to ensure that children are living in safe and supportive communities though the reduction of abuse and neglect.

Click here to learn more about what we're doing to ensure children live in safe and supportive communities. 

Explore Our Committees
To maximize opportunities for positive youth development and improve system outcomes, Community Builders have formed focused committees that analyze data, identify action steps, and establish community indicators to measure progress for specific segments of children’s services in Broward County. Committee members include residents, providers, government representatives, and local businesses alike, all working toward accomplishing a common goal by regularly meeting to share data, align events and initiatives, and leverage support from the CSC.

Below, please find a list of the active committees in the Broward Children's Strategic Plan.

Explore Our Committees

Abuse & Neglect Prevention

We work to increase the knowledge base on the Five Protective Factors through service provider training, community awareness- Beware Aware Events. The goals of the committee is community awareness, advocacy, and provide mini training ex. January is...

Angela Sowell
Related Topics
Family Support

Agency Capacity Building

As a part of the Children's Strategic Plan, the Agency Capacity Building Committee (ACB) provides a forum for skill building, networking and resource sharing for emerging, maturing and established organizational leaders seeking to increase their...

Adamma DuCille
Related Topics
Employment & Economic Development

Broward AWARE

Coordinates activities and events that promote resources preventing child abuse and neglect. Includes Pinwheel for Prevention themed activity during April, Child Abuse Prevention Month

Kerry-Ann Brown
Related Topics
Family Support

Broward Bridge 2 Life

The mission of Broward Bridge 2 Life is organizing the community to assist youth with their transition from High School to a post-secondary opportunity. Our goals are to improve post-secondary credential by helping youth complete their entrance or...

Ralph Aielloo
Related Topics
Family Support
Employment & Economic Development

Broward Human Trafficking Coalition

The Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC) is a Coalition of individuals from the general public, those who serve it, and all community partners, in Southeast Florida who are individually and collectively committed to working to improve...

Jumorrow Johnson
Related Topics
Basic Needs

Broward Reads: Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Our coalition seeks to Unify Stakeholders, Align Initiatives, and Identify Gaps.

Broward Reads: The Campaign for Grade Level Reading Coalition focuses on helping communities and policymakers promote school readiness and quality teaching, tackle...

Sandra Bernard-Bastien
Related Topics
Family Support

Caribbean and Central American Families Support Committee

As a part of the Children's Strategic Plan, the Caribbean and Central American Families Support committee

provides awareness of support services and connections to organizations that provide services to the Caribbean and Central American Families...

Kerry-Ann Brown
Related Topics
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Children & Families Leadership Association (CFLA)

The Children and Families Leadership Association (CFLA) is a forum through which community-based child welfare prevention and treatment services, mandated and funded by federal, state and local government work together to establish and nurture...

Neiko Shea
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Accessibility Statement

Our organization provides leadership, advocacy and resources to enhance the lives of the children of Broward County and empower them to become responsible, productive adults.

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Find A Program That Fits Your Needs

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | Henderson Behavioral Health

Program serves youth ages 15 to 22 who have a mental health diagnosis and are aging out of the foster care system with a safety net during their time of transition into adulthood. The program is designed to meet each youth’s individual needs including housing, and to support them in their transition to adulthood with the highest potential for success.
Primary POC: Stephanie Delice|| 954-735-4530 ext. 6223

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | Memorial healthcare System Community Youth Services

Program assists youth ages 15 to 22 in drafting a FUTURES PLAN, which includes vocational, educational, social, psychological, behavioral, spiritual, and personal goals. Transitioning youth are educated and given career path training, youth leadership skills, and assistance in getting affordable housing and other independent living skills.
Primary POC: Cammie Cacace |

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | Museum of Discovery & Science

MODS provides transitional young adults ages 18-22 with insufficient familial supports, the opportunity to participate in a yearlong paid internship. MODS partners with community based organizations to identify and prescreen eligible young adults transitioning out of foster care to secure employment. Young adults can earn a wage for approximately 11-14 hours per week.
Primary POC: Sandy McCarthy |

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | PACE Center for Girls

The program serves middle and high school girls ages 11-19 by providing life coaching and counseling to increase protective factors and mitigate risk factors associated with delinquency as well as assisting girls transitioning to adulthood. The program helps girls develop healthy interpersonal relationships, coping skills, self-esteem, and future planning.
Primary POC: Milena Brunet | | 954-561-6939 ext. 3819

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | SunServe

Program serves middle and high school youth ages 11-19 who identify as LGBTQ by providing professional assessment, counseling, and life coaching to promote successful life outcomes. The program promotes the development of skills, academic, and employability skills to help youth transition successfully into healthy young adulthood.
Primary POC: Tori Bertran |

HYT (Healthy Youth Transitions) | Urban League of Broward County

The Village Program serves middle and high school youth ages 11-19 with delinquency involvement. The program provides life coaching and counseling to guide and support youth in becoming successful and responsible young adults. The program teaches youth anger management skills, social responsibility, character building and employability skills to ensure youth are exposed to positive activities as a way to divert them from the juvenile justice system.
Primary POC: Lauren Butler |

Intensive In-Home Services - Special Population | Broward Regional Health Palnning Council

*BSO Referrals Only*
Healthy Families Broward is the local affiliate of Healthy Families Florida and Healthy Families America. It is the leading child abuse prevention program targeting new parents assessed at
high-risk for child abuse.
Primary POC: LaSonya Starlin|| 954-561-9681 ext. 1288

The Faces of CSC

The impact Future Prep had on Sarah fomented her desire to give back to her community. Today, she is a Counselor for Memorial’s CSC-funded Youth Force program, helping other young people gain confidence and determine their own path for the future.
This program has touched me and made a difference in my life.
Thanks to the Children’s Services Council and the YMCA of Broward County, students have an opportunity to give a voice to issues that are important to them.