August 13, 2020
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As part of our ongoing education about how best to serve the children and families in our community, CSC has adapted our workshop on Understanding Racism and Implicit Bias for the larger community.

This workshop summarizes the history and structures of racism in the United States and in Broward County and how these structures perpetuate racism, racially disparate outcomes and implicit racial bias.

Strategies to restructure our community and address implicit bias are discussed throughout the workshop.

Broward Partners for Racial Equity: Broward anchor institutions who are committed to racial equity in our county have created the Broward Partners for Racial Equity (BPRE). Partners meet monthly to (1) ensure training on

dismantling racism is available to community partners and to (2) share ways our organizations are beginning to operationalize equity. Please contact Keisha Grey at if you have questions. 

Download the PowerPoint


Videos used in the original broadcast:

Racism is RealThis video shows the results of systemic racism and implicit bias in employment, housing, criminal justice, etc through the experience of a Black male and a White male.  

The Invisible DiscriminatorThis video shows the instant and unconscious ways that racial bias enters into our decision making in our daily lives and its effects on people exposed to racial/ethnic bias. 

Ask YourselfA heartful montage of a Black Mother and Black Boys and Men asking the audience to ask themselves, when did Black boys and men become a threat to them. The video is asking the audience to commit to combating anti-black racism and to do something.

One Love (UNICEF version)Global solidarity anthem from Bob Marley's song, One Love, in support of UNICEF’s reimagine campaign is played with a video of multiracial and multiethnic people of diverse ages and genders speaking to wisdom, justice, equality, and loving one another as human beings. 

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