May 2, 2018
Family Support
Parent and child

The bonding that occurs between mother and child upon birth is a key factor in the healthy development of the baby. Brain architecture is directly related to protective, nurturing relationships. Maternal depression can get in the way of this essential cornerstone of development. The CSC funds Moms Overcoming Maternal Stress (MOMS), a program that provides needed services to pregnant women and new moms and their families if maternal depression diagnosed. Such depression can affect mother-child bonding and negatively impact developmental milestones. These symptoms are normal and should be addressed without fear of stigma or ridicule. Engaging, culturally-sensitive and effective services are provided in-home by knowledgeable and caring health professionals that help mothers and all caregivers in the family improve parenting skills promote child development and reduce risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect. In FY 2016/17, 248 mothers participated in the program.

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