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Look Here For Procurements and Funding Opportunities

Emergency Funding Requests

  • The intent of the Emergency Procurement Exemption is to provide a safety net for CSC-Funded agencies, where possible, when crisis situations arise that clearly jeopardize services to clients served in currently funded CSC programs.

Request for Funds to Maximize Revenue/Leveraged Funds

  • The intent of the Procurement Exemption to maximize Federal, State, and Private Revenue opportunities is to ensure the ability to bring new resources to Broward County that benefit the children and families in our community

Requests for Funds to Maximize Revenue / Leveraged Funds – PDF

Joint Funding and/or Community Collaborative Funding – PDF

Disaster Recovery – PDF

Financial Viability, Financial Performance & Fiscal Sponsorship Procedures

Provider Guidelines for Reimbursement

Provider Guidelines for Transportation – PDF

Provider Guidelines for Value Added and Flex Funds – PDF

Public Records Policy – PDF


  • The Children’s Services Council supports a wide range of charitable groups. Sponsorship is one of the support tools available to CSC. Sponsorship dollars are limited and denial of any request shall in no way be construed as a reflection on the project submitted or the agency involved.