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July 30, 2018
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In 2018, the Girls Coordinating Council (GCC), a recent addition to the Broward Children’s Strategic Plan, produced and released the Status of Girls and Young Women in Broward County. This report educates the community about the developmental experiences of girls supported by non-profit programming, as well as showcasing the successes of girls and young women. This is a novel project, one that has never been attempted in Broward; it is the first cumulative report on the health and well-being of Broward girls and young women. The Girls Coordinating Council hopes that by creating this integrated analysis of data, community members will begin to understand the importance of gender-responsive programming and bring awareness to the areas in which girls experience the most difficulty. By clearly displaying both the areas of success and challenges, this report encourages agencies to review and, if needed, restructure their programming as well as reframing their mindset to more effectively support female achievement.

The findings are divided into seven domains that play integral roles in shaping the lives of girls and young women: emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, legal, sexual and intellectual. Within each domain, the Girls Coordinating Council w highlights the success stories of local girls and young women who have managed to thrive, with the help of community agencies and organizations, and defy the odds set against them. Ultimately, this project is the result of cooperation and support by several local agencies and organizations.

Partnerships between the community and the GCC are invaluable to the furtherance of GCC goals and initiatives. Most importantly, these partnerships are key to bettering the welfare of girls and young women in this county. Through joint efforts, change can be made towards ensuring the health and happiness of girls across Broward. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Girls Coordinating Council, feel free to contact the members below for additional information:

April Brownlee, LMHC, MCAP, NCC 
Chair, Girls Coordinating Council 
Office: 954-561-6939 Ext:3832 

Orlane Cameron, LCSW
Secretary, Girls Coordinating Council
Office: 954-561-6939 Ext:3834

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