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"The program is put together well, and I hope that it can and will be an ongoing event to help enrich and educate our urban families, which is needed in our community."
– Parent

Kinship Initiatives for Supporting Services (KISS)

"Without them, I don’t know what I would’ve done. They went above and beyond. They provided support and came to our house. They gave us so many services and didn’t expect anything in return. They were my crutch for a year until I was able to walk on my own without them. I am so grateful!"
– Parent

Family Strengthening

"Not only has it made me be a better person, but it helped me be a better, reliable father and good representative for my children. It helped me grow in areas I was weak in, and I’m glad they reached out to me."
– Parent

Healthy Families

"Because of them, I don't have to worry about my grandchildren being taken from me."
– Grandparent

Mobile Summer BreakSpot

"Talking about satisfaction, your BreakSpot program hits a home run in my eyes. It kept my family safe, occupied, and off the streets. I got a chance to read to children and they read to me, thanks to the books that were provided. All of the components of the program created a movement of change and a brighter light of hope for our family. Thank you for caring about us."
– BreakSpot participant

VITA centers (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

"The service that I received at the VITA center was outstanding. The wait time was minimal, and the staff was extremely courteous. The best part of all was that I was able to communicate with the preparer in my native language, Spanish, which made the process quite simple for me. And all of my questions were properly answered. Thank you for your wonderful help."

Harvest Drive

"I am so glad that Harvest Drive project gave me the opportunity to provide a meaningful service to Broward families. As I participated alongside my High School peers packing and distributing food, I finally realized what it feels like to be part of a united front serving my community. It felt truly great to give back knowing that you are taking important steps to keep children and families from experiencing hunger. Participating in this activity truly touched my life in a positive manner."
– Student volunteer

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

"I had a WONDERFUL experience there. Everyone was so kind, gracious, and accepting. My boss and all of my coworkers truly made SYEP an enjoyable experience for me. It genuinely makes me sad that I have to leave, but I'm going to move forward with the skills that I learned during this program and use it to try and pursue further success. Thank you to everyone at SYEP, Career Source Broward and ESPECIALLY everyone at my local Boys & Girls Club, I will do my best to make you all proud. Thank you so much for the opportunity."
– SYEP Youth

21st Century Community Learning Centers

"My Graduation coach has made an impact on my life because she helps me get my grades on track. And she helps me with any problems I have with my friends or family. She encourages me to do better in school."
– 21st Century Student


"It has taught me how to work with different personalities, have leadership skills, and communicate more."
– Youth FORCE Student

Broward's Diversion Coalition

"They were positive and gave us lots of help and insight. Helping families in situations like ours…they help solve problems before it gets out of control."
– Parent

“My child is learning from his mistakes and learning responsibility.”
– Parent

“This opportunity has saved me from having anything on my personal record. The staff is kind.”
– Youth

“Because of this program I haven't been getting into any trouble, and I am learning how I can improve myself and be a leader.”
– Youth

Healthy Youth Transitions (HYT)

"The strongest and best feature is feeling safe and welcomed at an environment which isn't your home."
– Teen

"Right now, in this time of my life I am going through a lot (homeless) and I feel my life coach has been there for me. I appreciate her."
– Teen

"I was not going anywhere and a coach worked with me and helped me enroll in the GED program, and I am now ready to take the test."

Broward Reads Coalition - Campaign for Grade Level Reading

"My two young children watch PBS Channel 2 and LOVE Miss Penny's New Words! They wait to hear her voice then run into the room to learn the new word. They pay attention to her and are really learning! They like to repeat the new words all day long. Thank you for teaching my children! You have big fans in this household."
– Parent in Pembroke Pines

"We have a four-year-old girl in our center who has been through so much in her young life. Her mother had a terminal illness, suffered seizures in front of her, and the little girl often took care of her. Then the mother died when she was three and she came to live with an aunt who brought her to our center. From the very beginning, she would kick and hit the children and teachers and also became selectively mute. We immediately contacted the PBS program to get help from the Behavioral Health Specialist. She started play therapy sessions with her and also worked with the aunt and her at their home. We can see it is making a difference. She is learning to trust and open up. She is also talking in different settings with less nervousness and only occasionally has an outburst now. The therapy is still ongoing, but this child has made a great deal of progress."
– Child Care Center Director

MOST (Maximizing Out-of-School Time)

“This program has been amazing for our family. My son loves it, and it is his favorite part of the day.”
– Parent

“This program is a wonderful program that promotes a safe environment. The children not only have fun, but they also continue to improve their education. I would recommend this program to all parents.”
– Parent

“I would change nothing because everything is perfect."
– Parent

School Health Program

“The faculty, staff, and students at Dillard Elementary are very thankful and grateful to have our HST at our school. Our HST goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist students as they enter the clinic.”
– School Principal

“Having an HST here at North Fork Elementary is extremely important to our population of students. It gives our parents confidence that their child's health and injuries are appropriately handled during the school day and that helps free up our teachers to devote their time to educating our students.”
– School Principal

“Please be advised that we are very satisfied with the services we have been receiving from Sierra Life. They have provided consistent and professional services to our families at West Hollywood Elementary.”
– School Principal

Drowning Prevention Programs

“The students had an amazing time with instructors. As always, the instructor was very calm and straight forward with the students. They used age-appropriate language, memorable phrases for the rules, and great management at the pool.”
– Parent

“This is an excellent program. The children love it, and they learned so much. Thank You!”
– Parent

“The pool staff was wonderful, very personable, and caring! My class totally enjoyed our lessons and looked forward to going in the pool everyday!”
– Teacher

"What a powerful message! Our moms are still talking about your presentation. It made a great impact on them. They are talking about taking swimming lessons also."
– Public Education Attendee

Broward County KidCare Outreach Program

"My family and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in helping us with our insurance application. We feel so much better knowing that our babies are covered in the event of an emergency or just a simple illness. Words are not enough. Many Thanks."
– Broward County Preschool Director and Broward County Teacher

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My children would never qualify for health services before. Now I can take my children to the dentist to get their teeth fixed. This program is from God.”
– Parent of newly eligible children

“Thanks so much for being so terrific and really caring! The KidCare program is going to help this immigrant family from Israel with the healthcare they need.”
– Teacher at Hebrew Academy

MOMS (Mothers Overcoming Maternal Stress)

“It was rough for me. My son was born premature. They offered me services and counseling and resources and someone to talk to. It just really helped because he was four months early, and now he's doing great! They helped me so much in those dark days.”
– Parent

“They are kind and understanding. It's nice to have a listening ear, especially when you are stressed and have little to no support. Thank you for all you do! It makes a difference.”
– Parent

“My counselor was really good when counseling me, and approached things when I was ready.”
– Parent

“Counseling was the most helpful. I had shut down because it was hard to comprehend what was going on. I looked forward to them coming. It brought clarity to me.”
– Parent

“I want to make sure other mothers hear from me how important the MOMS program has been in my ability to manage my depression and anxiety. In my culture, maternal depression is often misunderstood and mothers who suffer from it are stigmatized. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story with others.”
– MOMS program participant interviewed for CSC produced PSA

RESPITE Programs

“I am very pleased with this program. I've seen a big change in all my kids."
– Parent

“The program is a blessing, and the staff makes it a great success for our kids.”
– Parent

“My son loves the program, and it serves as a great adjunct to his classroom learning.”
– Parent

“I am very happy with the program. I was very excited when my son started. I've seen good, happy, and positive behavior.”
– Respite Program Parent/Caregiver

Supported Training & Employment Program (STEP)

“The program helped me learn how to behave like a man.”
– Participant

“The program helped teach me what the real world was like and how to make the right decisions.”
– Participant

“I've gotten a job at Publix after interning my first year, and I've learned the fundamentals of working at Publix."
– Participant

"It helped me get my driver's license and to go to a school, so that I can get a career and get a job."
– Participant

2-1-1 Broward

"I am so grateful for this information. You have answered all my questions and more. You have really helped me because I didn't know anything about these programs. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me, for caring and acknowledging that I am trying my best to get on my feet. You've been very helpful and understanding."
– Caller

“Are you a Counselor? You certainly made me feel better. Thank you for your kindness."
– Caller

"You are wonderful. Not only does it take the heart to do good, but also the intelligence to put together the needs and the resources."
– Caller

CSC Ambassador program

"Volunteering means helping others while expecting nothing in return, but always leaving with a heart full of gratitude and happiness, which is one of the most fulfilling returns one could hope for."
– HandsOn Broward Participant

Agency Capacity Building (ACB)

"I have attended multiple trainings at CSC over the past six months and have consistently been pleasantly surprised at the overall quality and usefulness of the experience. The presenters have been excellent, very knowledgeable on their subject matter, great at communication, and available to the students. The subject matter has been immediately applicable and useful in the performance of my job as executive director for a burgeoning nonprofit. I look forward to receiving the training calendar each month, and I am very grateful for the availability of these low cost and extremely useful trainings.”
– Instructor Led Training Participant

“We are very appreciative of your support. Our programs and board services have tremendously improved over the months we have been meeting. What you have offered us is priceless and beyond words because we would have had to pay a lot of money out of our pockets, which we don’t have. With that said, we thank you!"
– Capacity Building Mini-Grant recipient

SNAC (Special Needs Advisory Coalition)

“The Transition [SNAC] folks are the services and funding sources for people with disabilities and there’s a lot of information to be had. Transition is so complicated that parents and youth really need to explore all the agencies that are out there, all the resources, so we [Transition SNAC] bring them all together in the Teens’ Transition to Life Summit so parents can talk face to face with other people that are doing the Transition Services that students may need.”
– Chair of the Transition SNAC Committee

Back to School Extravaganza

“This means a lot to me, especially in this time of the year when we always seem to hit bottom. This Back to School event comes at the perfect time. Thanks to this, my children will not need anything else to start the school year.”
– Back to School Extravaganza participant at Plantation H.S.


“Thank you for giving me a platform from where I can talk about the issue of human trafficking among teenagers. This is something I am passionate about. And to be able to speak at the Broward AWARE! events, at the OIC Flip the Script conference, and participate in the 33311 Walk, and get fellow students involved, too, was really great.” – High School student leader