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CSC Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Amy Jacques Special Assistant to President/CEO 954-377-1675
Angelina Buchter Senior Executive Assistant 954-377-1144
Cindy Arenberg Seltzer President/CEO 954-377-1000
Jennifer Fletcher Human Resources Specialist 954-377-1276
Jocelin Eubanks Administrative Assistant 954-377-1658
Megan Turetsky Government Affairs Manager 954-377-1658
Michelle Hamilton Director of Human Resources 954-377-1131
Monti Larsen Chief Operating Officer 954-377-1685
Name Title Email Phone
Anne-Alexandra Lemoine Accounts Payable Specialist 954-377-1129
Diego Alvarez Accounting Manager 954-377-1672
Ileana Blanco Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1147
Johannie Stanley Senior Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1133
Judy Jones Senior Facilities/Purchasing Specialist 954-377-1682
Kathleen Campbell Finance Director 954-377-1656
Lynn Kalmes Senior Fiscal Manager 954-377-1681
Maxine Goldson Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1284
Mina Razavi Senior Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1140
Pooja Kothari Systems & Procedures Manager 954-377-1660
Valencia McConnico-Bell Accounting Clerk 954-233-1282
Management Information Systems
Name Title Email Phone
Akil Edwards Senior Network/Systems Analyst 954-377-1121
Johnsingh Jeyasingh Assistant Director of Management Information Systems 954-377-1141
Marlando Christie Director of Management Information Systems 954-377-1688
Nelson Giraldo Technical Support Specialist 954-377-1686
Shawanda Spencer MIS Data Support Manager 954-377-1684
Xiomara Zamora Administrative Assistant 954-377-1687
Program Services
Name Title Email Phone
Andria Dewson Programs Manager 954-377-1670
Brooke Sherman Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1678
Colleen Carpenter Senior Program Procurement Specialist 954-377-1662
Cynthia Reynoso Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1130
Deborah Forshaw Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1676
Dion Smith Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1125
Erin Byrne Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1148
Fern Phillip Programs Manager (954) 233-1274
Jeffrey Glover Programs Manager 954-377-1137
Jennifer Wennberg Programs Manager 954-377-1285
Jill Denis-Lay Programs Manager 954-377-1679
Karen Franceschini Programs Manager 954-377-1689
Keyonia Lawson Senior Executive Assistant 954-377-1132
Latora Steel Administrative Assistant 954-377-1127
Liza Khan Programs Manager 954-377-1146
Madeline Jones Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1286
Maria Juarez Stouffer Chief Programs Officer 954-377-1134
Meg Wallace Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1136
Melissa Soza Programs Manager 954-377-1126
Michelle Hagues-Fullwood Programs Manager 954-377-1673
Nancy Cohn Director of Programs Services 954-377-1120
Piper Roth Programs Manager 954-377-1142
Tabitha Bush Programs Manager 954-233-1275
Trisha Dowell Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1659
Public Affairs and Organizational Development
Name Title Email Phone
Adamma DuCille Assistant Director of Training & Capacity Building 954-377-1664
Alexia Bridges Media & Outreach Communications Specialist 954-377-1145
Andrew Leone Director of Communications and Community Engagement 954-377-1119
Arnold Jean-Baptiste Senior Community Engagement Manager 954-377-1116
Katrina Welch Administrative Assistant 954-377-1114
Kimberlee Reid Executive Assistant 954-377-1118
Nicolette Picardi Training Manager 954-377-1115
Parry Silcox Multimedia Communications Specialist 954-377-1138
Roxanne Smith Senior Training Manager 954-377-1139
Sandra Bernard-Bastien Chief Communications Officer 954-377-1666
Silke Angulo Administrative Assistant 954-377-1000
Yolanda Meadows Administrative Assistant 954-377-1279
Research and Planning
Name Title Email Phone
Betty Dominguez Data Specialist 954-377-1665
Camila Romero Gil Executive Assistant 954-377-1149
Carl Dasse Community Systems Administrator 954-377-1669
Easton Harrison Community Support Assistant 954-233-1285
Gloria Putiak Senior Planning & Research Manager 954-377-1668
Keisha Grey Strategy Manager 954-377-1278
Laura Ganci Director of Research & Evaluation 954-377-1117
Marissa Aquino Programs Manager - Special Needs 954-377-1667
Marissa Greif-Hackett Senior Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1657
Odeth O’Meally Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1122
Seanteé Campbell Research and Evaluation Manager 954-377-1277
Sue Gallagher Chief Innovation Officer 954-377-1671
Tameeka Grant Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1286
Travis Johnson Senior Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1663

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Our organization provides leadership, advocacy and resources to enhance the lives of the children of Broward County and empower them to become responsible, productive adults.

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SNAC (Special Needs Advisory Coalition) | Children's Services Council of Broward County

The Children’s Services Council has been at the forefront in funding programming for children and youth with physical, developmental or behavioral health needs since its inception. In 2004, the Council commissioned Broward County’s Business Plan for Children with Special Needs which became the impetus for establishing a stakeholder group known as the Special Needs Advisory Coalition (SNAC). The SNAC has been instrumental in advocating for system improvements and reducing service gaps.

Primary POC: Marissa Aquino |

2-1-1 Broward General Hotline | 2-1-1 Broward
2-1-1 or 954-537-0211

2-1-1 Broward, an information & referral line, provides a 24-hour, comprehensive help line and support service for individuals seeking crisis intervention assistance and/or information and referrals to health and human services in Broward County. An impressive database of information is used to provide community callers with current, relevant information regarding a wide variety of services within the community. All calls are toll-free, confidential and anonymous from anywhere in Broward County.

Capacity Building Mini Grants | Children's Services Council of Broward County

Infrastructure building support is provided to local child and family serving nonprofit organizations through our annual Capacity Buildings Mini Grants. Through a competitive grant process, local organizations are awarded funding for capacity building projects, professional business coaching and or fundraising support each year.

Primary POC: Adamma DuCille |

Cribs for Kids | Heathy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County

In 2003, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a report that estimated that the risk of infant suffocation increases 20-fold when infants and adults sleep in the same bed. Cribs for Kids provides low-income families with free GRACO Pack ‘n Play® cribs, one crib sheet, and a safe-sleep sack, and counsels parents on the dangers of co-sleeping.

Primary POC: Ashley Sturm | | 954-765-0550 ext. 339

CSC Sponsored Trainings | Children's Services Council of Broward County

The CSC offers quality and affordable training workshops for professionals serving children and families in Broward County. Each session is led by instructors that are highly qualified and experienced in their field to provide an optimal learning environment. CEU’s are also offered for many of the completed courses. For a training calendar and to register, please visit our website at

Primary POC: Adamma DuCille |

Drowning Prevention | Florida Department of Health in Broward County

Drowning Prevention is a collaborative community effort driven by the Drowning Prevention Task Force. In 2009, the Children’s Services Council allocated funding to support a full-time coordinator housed at the Broward County Health Department who provides insight and accountability for the implementation of the Drowning Prevention Action Plan.
Task Force members create a culture throughout Broward that infuses drowning prevention methodologies, practices, and messages that directly impact families with young children.

Early Literacy Interventions | Reading & Math, Inc.

Reading & Math, Inc., through a partnership with Broward County Public Schools, is implementing the Reading Corps program in Broward County. Florida Reading Corps tutors serve Broward County’s most at-risk students with targeted early literacy interventions. Reading Corps screens all students at designated schools to identify children who are behind on early literacy skills, and develop individualized tutoring plans to meet each child’s needs.

The Faces of CSC

The greatest tool you can give a child is the ability to persuade and speak with confidence. Being that my YIG experience positively impacted my emotional literacy skills, I would like to pass these on to those who are less fortunate.
"This program has touched me and made a difference in my life."
"I will be the first to say, Youth in Government should be a part of every teenager's life, because I know without it I wouldn't be the person I am."