CSC Staff Photo

Name Title Email Phone
Amy Jacques Special Assistant to President/CEO 954-377-1675
Angelina Buchter Senior Executive Assistant 954-377-1144
Cindy Arenberg Seltzer President/CEO 954-377-1000
Jennifer Fletcher Senior Human Resources Specialist 954-377-1276
Jocelin Eubanks Administrative Assistant 954-377-1658
Megan Turetsky Government Affairs Manager 954-377-1658
Michelle Hamilton Director of Human Resources 954-377-1131
Monti Larsen Chief Operating Officer 954-377-1685
Name Title Email Phone
Alicia Williams Assistant Director of Finance 954-233-1288
Anne-Alexandra Lemoine Senior Accounts Payable Specialist 954-377-1129
Clarice Horton Accounts Payable Specialist 954-233-1287
Diego Alvarez Senior Accounting Manager 954-377-1672
Ileana Blanco Senior Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1147
Ivy Pierre Purchasing Manager 954-233-1753
Johannie Stanley Senior Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1133
Judy Jones Senior Facilities/Purchasing Specialist 954-377-1682
Kathleen Campbell Finance Director 954-377-1656
Kyle Jones Budget Analyst 954-233-1283
Lynn Kalmes Senior Fiscal Manager 954-377-1681
Maxine Goldson Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1284
Mina Razavi Senior Compliance Accounting Manager 954-377-1140
Pooja Kothari Senior Systems & Procedures Manager 954-377-1660
Valencia McConnico-Bell Accounting Clerk 954-233-1282
Management Information Systems
Name Title Email Phone
Akil Edwards Senior Network/Systems Analyst 954-377-1121
Ashley Brooks Administrative Assistant 954-377-1687
Jimmy Jean Systems Administrator 954-233-1748
Johnsingh Jeyasingh Assistant Director of Management Information Systems 954-377-1141
Marlando Christie Director of Management Information Systems 954-377-1688
Nelson Giraldo Technical Support Specialist 954-377-1686
Shawanda Spencer MIS Data Support Manager 954-377-1684
Program Services
Name Title Email Phone
Aisha Castleberry Program Procurement Specialist 954-377-1281
Andria Dewson Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1670
Brooke Sherman Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1678
Colleen Carpenter Senior Administrative Assistant 954-377-1662
Cristina Castellanos Programs Manager 954-233-1750
Cynthia Reynoso Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1130
Dion Smith Director of Program Services 954-377-1125
Erin Byrne Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1148
Fern Phillip Programs Manager (954) 233-1274
Jeffrey Glover Programs Manager 954-377-1137
Jennifer Wennberg Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1285
Jessica Rincon Programs Manager 954-233-1289
Jill Denis-Lay Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1679
Karen Franceschini Programs Manager 954-377-1689
Keyonia Lawson Senior Executive Assistant 954-377-1132
Latora Steel Senior Administrative Assistant 954-377-1127
Lisa Bayne Director of Program Services 954-377-1120
Liza Khan Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1146
Madeline Jones Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1286
Maria Juarez Stouffer Chief Programs Officer 954-377-1134
Meg Wallace Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1136
Melissa Soza Programs Manager 954-377-1126
Michelle Hagues-Fullwood Senior Programs Manager 954-377-1673
Natalie Gomes Programs Manager 954-233-1749
Piper Roth Programs Manager 954-377-1142
Shaquoia Richardson-Wilson Programs Manager 954-233-1743
Tabitha Bush Programs Manager 954-233-1275
Trisha Dowell Assistant Director of Program Services 954-377-1659
Public Affairs and Organizational Development
Name Title Email Phone
Adamma DuCille Director of Equity & Organizational Development 954-377-1664
Alexia Bridges Media & Outreach Communications Specialist 954-377-1145
Andrew Leone Director of Communications and Community Engagement 954-377-1119
Kandyss Torrence Capacity Building & Training Manager 954-233-1752
Katrina Welch Administrative Assistant 954-377-1114
Kimberlee Reid Executive Assistant 954-377-1118
Nicolette Picardi Capacity Building & Training Manager 954-377-1115
Roxanne Smith Senior Capacity Building & Training Manager 954-377-1139
Sharetta Remikie Chief Equity and Community Engagement Officer 954-377-1666
Silke Angulo Administrative Assistant 954-377-1000
Tracy Graham Multimedia Communications Manager 954-377-1138
Yolanda Meadows Administrative Assistant 954-377-1279
Research and Planning
Name Title Email Phone
Betty Dominguez Data Specialist 954-377-1665
Camila Romero Gil Executive Assistant 954-377-1149
Carl Dasse Community Systems Administrator 954-377-1669
Diane Choi Strategy Manager 954-233-1278
Florence Ukpai Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1668
Gabi Tabib Research & Evaluation Manager 954-233-1285
Laura Ganci Director of Research & Planning 954-377-1117
Lorenzo Benaine Research & Evaluation Manager 954-233-1286
Marissa Aquino Research & Evaluation Manager 954-377-1667
Marissa Greif-Hackett Assistant Director of Research & Planning 954-377-1657
Shantigra Williams Strategy Manager - Special Needs 954-233-1751
Shira Fowlkes Planning and Research Manager 954-377-1122
Sue Gallagher Chief Innovation Officer 954-377-1671
Travis Johnson Assistant Director of Research & Planning 954-377-1663

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